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Ask Art: What Makes Bio-Clean® A Better Drain Clearing Alternative?

Drain Clearing Alternative

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It’s normal to panic when faced with a blocked drain. At the moment, it seems perfectly logical to grab whatever will get your drain flowing again as fast as possible. Before you do, make sure you know how the product you’ll be using actually works. This will help you make the best long-term choice for your plumbing system since not all drain clearing products are the same.

Chemical Drain Cleaners … Good, Bad, Or Ugly?

Regardless of what’s caused the blocked drain, people often choose chemical drain cleaners because they are simple to use and don’t need any special skills or tools – you simply open the bottle and pour.

While all this is true, there are downsides to using chemical drain clog removers that you should consider before reaching for this quick solution.

  • The ingredients are toxic and dangerous to have in your home, particularly if you have small children and animals.

  • They can cause pipe damage which will eventually lead to major plumbing repairs. Any leaking water will damage the area surrounding your drain.

  • Chemical drain cleaners give off noxious fumes.

  • They are not eco-friendly as they contain ingredients that are harmful to the environment.

  • Clogs are dissolved by the heat generated by chemical cleaners. While this works on clogs, these cleaners will also burn eyes, skin, fabric, and any other surface they come into contact with.

  • Chemical drain cleaners have a limited area of influence because they will only flow where gravity takes them. This means that any build-up that occurs along the top or sides of the pipe will not be touched. The drain cleaner will burn a path through the blockage along the bottom of the pipe, but the build-up throughout the rest of the pipe will remain and cause the drain to clog again in a very short time.

Are All Chemical Drain Cleaners The Same?

There are three different types of chemical drain cleaners available and they all come with the same risks.

Type of Chemical Cleaner Active Ingredients Works By
Caustic Drain Cleaners Potash Lye Other caustic substances Burning and corroding. Works on organic material and metal.
Oxidizing Drain Cleaner Bleach Peroxide Nitrates Dissolves clog by oxidization. Heavier than water and will sink to where the clog is.
Acid Drain Cleaners Sulfuric Acid Hydrochloric Acid Hydronium ions cause a chemical reaction with the clogged material which releases heat and melts the clog. Highly dangerous to use.

How Is Bio-Clean® Different?

Bio-Clean® offers a safe, environmentally-friendly solution to blocked drains that will revolutionize your plumbing system from the inside-out. Bio-Clean® is a mixture of natural bacteria and enzymes that feast on the build-up of old food, congealed grease, and other organic matter that cause your drain to back- up. As they are living organisms, they are not limited by gravity and will multiply and devour through the blockage, clearing the top, sides, and bottom of your pipes.

Over time they will spread throughout your sewer system and keep blockages under control 24/7. With Bio-Clean® you can kiss recurring clogs good-bye.

How Can Such An Effective Drain Cleaner Be Safe To Use?

Bio-Clean® is completely non-toxic. Because it doesn’t rely on a chemical reaction to clear the clog, it doesn’t give off heat or noxious fumes that are the biggest cause of damage. Bio-Clean® won’t attack living tissue and has no effect on inorganic materials. The enzymes and bacteria in Bio-Clean® break the waste down into water, carbon dioxide, and mineral ash.

All these elements are not only safe but actually good for plant life. All this makes Bio-Clean® safe for people, your plumbing, and the environment while providing exceptional drain cleaning results.

Do Your Plumbing A Favor, Get Bio-Clean®

If you like the thought of using a drain cleaner that is thoroughly harmless yet completely effective, speak to us today about Bio-Clean®. As industry professionals, the plumbers at Art Rooter, Sewer & Drain Cleaning have seen the damage caused by chemical cleaners and the incredible benefits of going the natural route. Take it from us, Bio-Clean® will revolutionize your entire plumbing system. Try it today!

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