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Tips for Clogged Drains

September 30, 2022

Why Drain Maintenance Is Important

Reading Time: 3 minutes Your drains go through a lot. Whether you’re taking a shower after gym, cleaning dishes, washing your hands, or cleaning the rest of your home, all the dirt, grease, soap, and cleaning chemicals head down your drain. And while drainage systems are designed to be…

September 23, 2022

Differences Between Pipe Relining and Pipe Replacement

Reading Time: 2 minutes Plumbing pipes and even underground drainpipes are silent heroes in our lives. We use them every day at home and work and the only time we remember their importance is when something goes wrong. Without regular preventative drain and sewer maintenance, things are bound to…

September 16, 2022

What Are The Signs Of A Sewer System Backup?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Abacked-up sewer system is not only a messy and smelly problem, it also poses a serious health risk to your family. Few people can forget the awful smell that accompanies a sewer backup, but are you familiar with the other, less obvious signs? Despite regular…

September 09, 2022

Why Is Fixing Underground Pipes A Specialized Job?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Underground plumbing work requires a specialized skill set. This is because there are several factors to consider when working underground. These include the necessary insurance, pipe bonding concerns, and tree roots. Underground pipework requires a methodical approach done by a team of experienced plumbers. Here’s…

August 26, 2022

Things To Consider Before A Sewer Line Replacement

Reading Time: 3 minutes Sewer lines are an important part of any home or commercial building. They are responsible for carrying away wastewater and sewage from toilets, showers, sinks, and any other drains. Over time, sewer lines can become corroded, blocked, or cracked, which can cause serious problems. As…

August 19, 2022

How Does Video Pipe Inspection Work?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Sewage and water pipes are often buried in the ground and sometimes under concrete! Getting to the root cause of the problem can sometimes seem impossible. This is where piping technology comes to the rescue, video pipe inspection utilizes fiber-optic cameras that snake their way…

August 12, 2022

Roles And Responsibilities Of A Drain Cleaning Technician

Reading Time: 2 minutes Do you have an annual drain cleaning schedule? Most people do not give their plumbing pipes and drains a second thought until they block. It’s ironic how drains appear to know when you’re in a rush in the mornings and choose that time to block….

August 05, 2022

Why Tunneling Experts Use Hydro Excavation

Reading Time: 3 minutes Sometimes, a few pumps of a plunger are all you need to fix a plumbing issue, other times, the issue is with the main pipes underground. When this is the case, Art Rooter, Sewer & Drain Cleaning uses a process known as hydro excavation. Hydro…

July 28, 2022

Tips For Maintaining Your Sewer Line

Reading Time: 2 minutes Nobody wants to have to think about sewer line maintenance, but if you encounter a sewer line blockage, you’ll need to find the right plumber fast! Sewer line maintenance is the best way to prevent sewer blockages but you might be wondering: Where do I…